12 Feb

Breastfeeding after 1 year is still quite effective, although not as much as in previous months. Your baby continues to receive breast milk along with October foods, and your milk still forms your baby’s main meal.

The measure of food intake and the frequency of breastfeeding during this period may differ from baby to baby. Some babies are more fond of October food, while some babies are more prone to breast milk.

But in general, babies have a decrease in breast milk intake and absorption after the age of 1 year, and this is quite normal. October foods with different tastes and flavors may be attractive to your baby, so there may be a decrease in the desire to suck. However, continue breastfeeding at any time.

when infant development is observed at the age of 1 year, it is during this period that babies usually begin to walk and gain freedom of movement. In this regard, your baby may want to reduce sucking, suck for a short time and return to the game again. the frequency of sucking after 1 year can be three times. The decembers time is usually between 3-5 minutes.

During a night’s sleep, some babies can often wake up to suck. If the suction is used as an instrument during these periods or during the transition to the first sleep, the suction time may be slightly longer.

Some babies continue to suck frequently during the day, while some babies may only want to suck at night. But in general, all babies want to suck more often when they are hurt, miss their mother, during periods of illness and teething, during travel, in unfamiliar environments, during periods of lack of appetite.

During these periods, an increase in the frequency of sucking is observed. they may want to suck 8-10 times. In addition, during these periods, the duration of suction and the time of stay in the mother‘s breast also appear to be prolonged.

Despite the fact that your baby has grown up, his teeth have come out, and he is fed with october foods, he still needs your precious breast milk, which consists of these very important components.

Prebiotics contained in breast milk are very important for the health and immunity of your child. Moreover, your milk is like a potion whose content changes and is updated according to what your baby needs for his illness and health in short. For this reason, by continuing to breastfeed your baby as much as you want, you can ensure that your baby is strengthened against diseases and support its nutrition and nutrition.

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