29 Dec

The importance of preschool education and the process of getting used to kindergarten are among the important topics that parents should pay attention to in infant development.

Starting kindergarten is an exciting situation that is not only worrying for both the child and the parents.

Along with the process of getting used to kindergarten, the child will encounter a situation that he has not encountered before, does not know and does not learn, he will leave the safe environment of the house and move away from his parents.

Parents, on the other hand, will hand over their child, whom they know is growing up and playing safely in their own home, to someone else’s supervision and will be concerned about whether everything will go well during this time.

At this point, the knowledge of parents about the importance of pre-school education and the steps of the process of getting used to kindergarten will help to get through this process with the fewest possible problems.

Otherwise, all of the situations that we listed above, as well as the uncertainty in front of the child, can lead to an increased level of anxiety, refusal to attend school.

On the other hand, being able to learn new things, new friends and games are the exciting side of school. Preschool education and kindergarten are quite an important step for the development of the child.

Competent parents tell their children about the importance of preschool education pre-kindergarten to prepare the best aspects of the child reduce anxiety and excitement like to hear about her school, kindergarten will be able to take steps to facilitate the process of adjustment to consciously.

Kindergarten helps the child to acquire the skills he needs when he first starts school, to develop his skills in everyday life and to acquire the skills he needs all his life, when we look at it from the big picture.

These skills are social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. In order for a child to develop these skills, he must be among dec own peers. However, it is important that he plays activities and games that are appropriate for his own age group, and all this with the supervision and guidance of an adult.

Kindergartens are educational institutions that provide services exactly in accordance with this need.

Doing activities similar to those done at home, kindergarten is also a very effective method.

Doing painting, cutting and pasting activities at home allows the child to feel prepared when faced with such activities in kindergarten.

Talking with the child about how to have a daily routine after starting school will illuminate the uncertainties and help him experience a more comfortable transition phase.

Choosing a school in accordance with the child’s temperament, abilities and level of development also shortens and facilitates the child’s process of getting used to school. If it is possible to visit the school in advance, meeting the teacher and spending time at school for a while makes it easier for the child to get used to it.

Getting to know the school and the teacher before starting school allows the child to become familiar with the school, and the child will be more comfortable on the first day of school. It makes it easier for the child to get used to the teacher if the parents tell the child that they trust the teacher. Having his parents with him allows him to easily explore the school and his teacher.

It will also be a useful step to ensure that he gets acquainted in advance with a child from his own class who is going to start the same school.

After meeting with the school, it is necessary to make school purchases together with the child and let him choose the materials he will use. Thus, the child can be made to feel that he has control over this change in his life.

It is quite natural for a child to be nervous when school is just beginning.

Trying to cope with new emotions and stress, the child may begin to wake up in advance, sleeping at night without interruption.

However, he can ask for help from mom or dad, while he can put his own clothes on, his problems with eating may begin.

Mom and dad need to be supportive in this situation, remind themselves that this condition is temporary, talk to the child often about his feelings, fears, and school.

The importance of preschool education and the process of getting used to kindergarten are among the important topics that parents should take seriously.

Starting kindergarten is a process that can be exciting and stressful for both mom and dad and the child. The implementation of steps that will facilitate this process will ensure that the child is ready for school, will allow him to feel the excitement of school more than anxiety.

Starting kindergarten For most children, leaving home for the first time means leaving their child in a different environment from home for so long for the first time for parents.

Mom and dad should not reflect their worries and sorrows on the child. The more comfortable mom and dad are in this regard, the easier it will be for the child to get used to kindergarten.

It should be remembered that both sides need a process of getting used to, besides, it should be borne in mind that kindergarten also provides an environment for the development of the child that mom and dad cannot provide at home.

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