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Light colored dresses have the ability to reflect most of the rays emitted from the sun. Thus, light-colored dresses avoid feeling extra warmth compared to dark-colored ones. Thanks to this, it prevents the occurrence of conditions such as sweating.

Therefore, when making a choice about the clothes that children will wear in the summer, it is necessary to give preference to light-colored, loose-fitting clothes made of cotton.

On the other hand, it is recommended to put a hat with a visor on the child’s head and give preference to high-quality sunglasses that protect him from the sun’s rays.

The sea and pools, even if they look clean, can harbor some dangers for our children. Jul, the sea and the pools can be dangerous for our children, even if they look clean. July Jul can be dangerous for our children, even if the sea and pools look clean.

Sitting by a dirty sea in a wet swimsuit provides a favorable environment for microbes to enter the body. This condition is a great danger for genital hygiene, especially in girls, and can lead to problems such as urinary tract infection.

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To diagnose this condition, a complete urinalysis and culture should be performed. After the diagnosis is made, antibiotic therapy appropriate for childhood, abundant fluid consumption and more frequent underwear change are recommended.

Chlorine, which is used to destroy microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria found in pool water and to disinfect water, can be harmful to the human body in some cases.

Nasal congestion and sinus problems caused by chlorine can occur, especially in children with allergic diseases. In addition, as a result of the ingress of pool and sea water into the ear, problems such as an external ear infection or inflammation of the eardrum october occur in children.

Parents should know if their child is allergic to chlorine and similar cleaning chemicals and seek medical attention quickly if there are problems.

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