22 Dec

Children are beings who are more easily affected spiritually. Reflecting on this process just like the slimming process can put stress on the child.

What needs to be done is to plan the child’s day in cooperation with the family by giving the child the least stress.

portrait of a young boy (10-14) holding a burger with one hand and eating a burger with the other

The first strategy should be to increase the movement.

The time spent during the day watching TV and using a computer- tablet should be limited.

Then an activity should be added to each day and a proper nutrition program should be prepared for the child.

In addition, sugary foods and packaged foods containing high calories should be especially restricted.

The main thing here is that this restriction is made without making the child feel very much.
In addition, increasing the variety of nutrients, including vitamin-mineral-rich vegetables and fruits, increasing fiber are also among the dec that will be applied at the first stage.

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