27 Jan

And no one will understand if you don’t tell them that you’re pregnant again this week. However, your waist will expand a little and your clothes will start to squeeze you a little. This is due to the fact that the uterus is enlarged.

Of course, it is impossible for you to notice this with your eyes. If you get a pelvic exam by making an appointment with your doctor, you can only see that your uterus is expanding.

8 Of her pregnancy. Of course, during the week you will start a number of complaints. Groin pain and abdominal pain are the first of these complaints.

The reason is that while your uterus was as big as your fist before you got pregnant, it has now grown to the size of a grapefruit, and it will grow a thousand times larger by the end of pregnancy than it was before pregnancy. As it is, this will also cause groin and abdominal pain, be patient. Everything will be much more beautiful after giving birth.

From this week of her pregnancy, 1. Your uterus will continue to expand until the last week of the trimester, and 1. By the end of the trimester, your uterus will be large enough to fit inside your pelvis. In this case, frequent urination problems will await you. You can alleviate what you are going through by being a little patient and thinking that your baby will end up with the baby that will be born.

Dear mom, your pregnancy is on the 8th. From the week onwards, growth will also occur in the placenta and it will now begin to hold on to the uterus more tightly. Of course, this will lead to bleeding problems, but you should know that you have nothing to worry about.
Dear expectant mother;

The changes I described above are the changes that are generally seen. But you should also know that not every expectant mother undergoes these changes at the same time. In some mothers, these problems may start earlier, in others they may start later, and some mothers suffer from very few of these pains. But usually the 8th of pregnancy. I must say that during the week there are some changes such as weakness, fatigue, constipation, nausea, excessive salivation, indigestion, gas, stomach boiling, headache, frequent urination, vaginal discharge, breast tenderness.

Last week, the baby was between 4-6 mm and was too small to be seen with the dec. Of course, his heartbeat was regular, and his intestines and kidneys were also starting to form. Even though 1 week has passed dec there has been a lot of difference in the size of your baby. At the moment, your baby is between 1.5 cm and 2 cm. it is of a decadal size.

If you want me to describe the size of your baby in terms of shape, this week your baby is as big as a raspberry or as big as a kidney bean. He’s cute, he’s cute, and now he’s gone from looking like a reptile to looking more like a person. This rapid development will not be limited to this, in the coming days there will be changes in the height of your baby, and you will be able to call him by another name.

A number of developments will begin to appear in her baby this week. Maybe you won’t notice all this, but you can watch how your baby is shaping up with the help of a specialist doctor, of course, for this you will need to undergo an ultrasound. However, in order to have a preliminary idea, let’s briefly tell you about the development of your baby this week.

• Your baby’s fingers and toes have started to take shape, but it will be a little difficult for you to notice it on the ultrasound because they are webbed.
• The small arms and legs of the great miracle in your stomach will also begin to become apparent from good to good this week.
• You are not in a week limited only to the legs. At the same time, the baby’s hands and ankles and elbows will also begin to become prominent. Even on the last days of the week, the elbows and wrists will become bendable.
• Of course, the eyelids of babies are also the 8th of pregnancy. It will begin to form during the week.
• I told you that there will be big changes this week. Now let me tell you the biggest one of them. Her baby’s upper lip, ears and the tip of her nose will start to become very prominent.
• And finally, the baby’s heart is making 150 beats per minute.
Dear expectant mother ;
The information I gave you above is the general pregnancy 8. This is information about the week. In order to find out more about all this and make the right determinations, you should go to the doctor’s examinations on time and take into account what your doctor recommends. Do not forget that your doctor knows what is best for your baby and your health, and you should focus with precision on all the issues that you need to pay attention to throughout your pregnancy.

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