28 Feb

How quickly does time pass with your baby, who understands you better and has a stronger communication this month?

But even if he understands the ‘no’ order that you will give, we will enter a period when he will not do it. During this period, your baby’s self-esteem increases and he tends to do the things he wants more. He can even oppose you when you want to help, because he wants to do everything himself. Let’s take a look at what more your baby can do this month.

In fact, no one knows about any emotions from the moment they are born, and people know about them. 11. and a feeling of fear begins to form on the moon. She can cry and show that at such times she is afraid of things to which she has not reacted before.

To avoid this situation, you can reduce this feeling of fear by calmly saying that nothing will happen when he is afraid, or by calmly approaching your baby, without worrying when he falls. So your baby will adopt this condition later.

This month the baby begins to read social cues better. He knows that when his behavior is disapproved of, when he is angry with himself or when he does something he shouldn’t be doing, he makes people around him angry, he makes smurfs to make it up to them.

The baby, whose self-perception is developing this month, wants to learn his own skills and the boundaries of the rules around him, for this he tries to cross the boundaries. He does not like to be blocked, he can cry, scream, and when blocked, he can throw away what he has. This way he shows his displeasure.

It will be a more comfortable period for you and your baby in terms of sleep. A period is entered when daytime sleep is reduced and your night’s sleep becomes intermittent.

11. babies can’t talk even if they understand you and act on what you say. However, they can say 1-2 words. They try to tell what they want not by crying, but by pointing. They create their own language with meaningless sounds.

He may try to make your baby take slow steps, who can stand up by holding on, or he may want to take these steps on his own with his increased self-confidence during this period. Maybe it’s time to try on the first-step shoes for babies who are just starting these trials, don’t you think? So your baby will feel more comfortable with soft and elastic shoes. He’s already very confident. Who can stop those little feet?

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