22 Dec

Hiccups are a common condition in young babies.

This is not a situation to be worrying about.

This is due to the fact that the stomach grows rapidly and stimulates the nerve that leads to hiccups.

The most common time for hiccups in newborn babies is after feeding.

Conditions such as not removing the gas well, swallowing air, sudden temperature changes, and excitement can cause hiccups in infants.

4. The best thing that causes hiccups in babies is breastfeeding. Children should be breastfed frequently during the day without getting too hungry.

Extremely hungry babies swallow air during breastfeeding.

The baby is in the womb, hiccups that start with the moon are very common, especially in the first months after birth and then from time to time until the age of 1.

It is necessary to hold the sobbing baby upright. If your baby continues to sob while you are breastfeeding, it may be useful to hold him upright for a while and shake him in your lap.

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