25 Dec

From the moment you decide on pregnancy, it is recommended to continue the daily intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the intake of protein, calcium and iron in sufficient quantities. The question of why it is important to take protein during pregnancy often arises, let’s clarify it.

Protein intake needs to be increased when entering the pregnancy process, as it is necessary for the formation of new tissues.

The daily protein intake of 45 grams can be set at 70 grams after conception. In addition, calcium should also be given importance for the development of teeth and bones.

Dairy and dairy products, green vegetables and legumes should also be added to the diet list.

White and red meat, legumes, eggs and green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron can also be consumed with the condition that they are well washed down.

White In order not to worry about pregnancy weight, it’s also time to consult a nutritionist.

In the process that follows, it is worth consulting with a specialist about nutrition during pregnancy, ways to get rid of birth weight, healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

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