24 Jan

8 Of pregnancy. during the week, the baby’s development continues at a rapid pace. The daily growth of the baby is up to 1 mm. from 13 to 15 mm. the weight of the baby, which has reached its size, is about 2 g yet. Although it is still in the embryo state, the transition to the fetus begins to be completed.

8. during the week, the formation of the baby’s arms and legs is almost completed, and in parallel with the development of the brain, he begins to make movements that the mother has not yet felt.

The development of hands and feet, fingers is also underway.

This week there are inter-finger decanters. Arm and leg movements can also be observed with ultrasound.

8 Of pregnancy. growing up during the week, the mother’s uterus reaches the size of an orange and begins to squeeze the organs around it. Abdominal pain is among the expected conditions due to this rapid growth of the uterus and the stretching of the ligaments around it dec Especially because of the pressure it puts on the bladder, frequent urination and nighttime sleep splitting due to the need for a toilet are among the most common complaints.

The feeling of fatigue, weakness and exhaustion is caused by the hormone progesterone, which continues to increase in the expectant mother’s body. Rest with short sleep breaks during the day will decelerate the expectant mother.

8 Of pregnancy. skin problems such as acne formation and greasiness may develop due to the effect of increased hormones during the week

With the growth of the breasts, the expansion of the rings around the nipples and the darkening of their color, the mother’s body is preparing for the postpartum breastfeeding period.

  1. during the week, the development of the baby’s esophagus and trachea continues. The upper lip and nose begin to take shape. The baby’s ear formation is gradually completed and he can hear some sounds. The eyelids are formed and the movement is acquired. The formation of the tongue and lips is nearing completion. The formation of the structure of the palate and teeth begins. The lens of the eye, pancreas and bronchi also begin to become prominent. Lung development continues rapidly. The intestines, which continue to develop, are functional. The bones are not yet cartilaginous in structure.
    Unfortunately, when it comes to the risks of the 8-week gestation period, miscarriage can be the first thing that comes to mind. Do not let this word scare you, because miscarriage occurs on average in 15% of all pregnancies. We wanted to write it down as a possibility, but don’t worry, it’s really a low probability. There may also be vaginal bleeding, cramps, and even partial abortions during pregnancy. Do not forget to see your doctor if it reaches a serious size. the topic of nutrition at 8 weeks of pregnancy will also be one of the topics that you should pay attention to, as in other weeks.

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