27 Nov

Dec This period, your baby’s eyesight is not yet fully seated, he opens his small eyes, but the viewing distance is not too far. Since his eyes cannot see far yet, he can perceive dark colors more clearly, especially during this period. In terms of hearing, it may be more sensitive.

Since the mother is used to your voice when she is in the womb, she can recognize your voice. if you ask if the 1-month-old baby knows the mother, our answer may be positive.

Its nutrition in the womb of the mother affects the color of feces after birth. At first, it may be green or black in color and have a sticky consistency.


Yesilmaz Subsequently, it will acquire a yellow color along with breast milk. Your baby can poop 4-5 times a day during this period.

Since they are fed with breast milk, they are able to poop juicy and often. Of course, it is also necessary to distinguish it from diarrhea. Symptoms of diarrhea in a newborn baby; it may be that the poo that smells bad is inflamed, the baby has a fever.

It is useful to see a pediatrician to treat this.

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