28 Feb

10. the moon is a process in which significant differences occur in mental development. Babies in this month can react more clearly to the events developing around them, they begin to understand what is being said.

Along with this, he also begins to say his first words. Observing body language, you can notice how much the ability to think has increased. Communicating with him a lot during this period, stating that you understand his wishes by making simple and short sentences, he not only improves his communication ability, but also contributes to his mental development. In addition, it is very important to spend a lot of time with the baby, let him play with toys made of different materials to play games and support the development of october baby’s intelligence.

Fancy and detailed toys for dolls of this period will not make sense. Simple materials such as plastic containers, wooden materials and a full bag look like perfect toys for them and they can spend time with them for minutes.

When designing what to do for the upcoming 1st age of your baby, this may surprise you by getting up in a month. With this condition, objects that seem large to your baby become smaller and his self-esteem increases.

Now your load on nutrition is reduced, because he eats with dexterity, which is strengthened by holding a spoon. In addition, he makes doodles with a pencil. October 11, 2015. He proceeds by holding on to something before rebelling without support. It rises and descends from such heights that it can rise, like a sofa and a chair.

He becomes better at making facial expressions and gestures, while his imitation is still going on. She enjoys playing games, combining simple puzzle pieces, spending time with her loved ones. He began to speak, although he made meaningless sounds. He will adore colorful children’s books and loves to turn pages while you are reading. And now we have come to that period! Devir said, “Where’s your nose, where’s your ear?” age! The answer to the questions you are asking now is not a pair of beady eyes that can’t understand, but a tiny hand that understands and even shows perfectly!

The duration of breastfeeding is a condition that can vary depending on the biological makeup of each mother. As it happens, some mothers have no milk at all, and some may have milk for a long time. So do you have any difficulty deciding what to do in this situation?

The World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend starting breastfeeding immediately after birth, giving only breast milk for the first 6 months, and 6. it recommends continuing breastfeeding per month. he recommends starting after a month and continuing until the age of 2 with appropriate nutritional supplements. Of course, this situation varies from person to person; We think it’s best to watch and experience it!

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