27 Nov

Now we have come to the months when gradually the baby’s sleep pattern begins to form. let’s start with the first of the 2-month-old baby behaviors; sight. the vision of a 2-month-old baby becomes clearer and more vivid than last month.

Lunar dark colors can be gradually replaced by pastel. His interest in bright and vivid colors may increase. Although he can’t see very clearly, he has progressed a lot, especially in terms of colors. Hearing is also under development.

During this period, the sounds he makes may be excessive and he may even want to repeat this sound constantly because he likes the sound he makes himself. He can wiggle his arms and legs while listening to music.

Baby 2

Your 2 Month old baby discovers his hands and begins to examine them. He grabs the given object in his hand and begins to take it to his mouth. He sleeps less during the day and a little more at night.

A good period for smiles is when your baby can make cries of happiness. He also discovers your interest in him during this period, now he can distinguish your voice. When she cries, when you hold her, she can shut up because she recognizes your smell and feels safe.

One of the most curious things about infant development is the nutrition of a 2-month-old baby. there are no strict rules, such as how much milk a 2-month-old baby should drink; Your baby will suck until it is full, if it stops, it is full.

Let’s continue with what should be considered in baby nutrition. If possible, continue breast milk. Try to breastfeed 2 breasts at each meal. And sleep will be in order now.

The good news is that your baby is sleeping more now. During the day, their sleep may decrease, they may even sleep for 6-7 hours a night.

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