01 Dec

Noticeable changes are waiting for you again in your baby this month. the behavior of a 4-month-old baby is now self-evident. For example, lying on his stomach, supported by his elbows and hands, he can rise to chest level.

When he sits on the floor on his back, he can raise his head and smile out loud. He also learned that when he is unhappy, he needs to cry, and his eyesight is now complete, after which he sees objects in their true colors.

His hearing is just as good, and he continues to marvel at the sounds he makes himself. Keep in mind, your baby may have the first tooth removed this month. So what should I pay attention to when the baby is teething?

4 Months Baby

Watering your baby’s mouth is the first sign. He can try to take what he has in his mouth so that his gums don’t itch. He may refuse to suck or bottle, in addition, fever or diarrhea may occur. By the way, mouth dec can also go on for weeks.

Another important issue is the choice of toys. During this time, the toy will become your savior for distraction and distraction.

So what should I look for when buying toys for babies?

Avoid toys that break or crumble easily. He will take everything he takes into his mouth because his gums itch. If you tie a rope to the edge of the toy, you will also reduce the likelihood of swallowing it. His hearing improved, he was sensitive to sounds.

But still, avoid toys that are likely to damage the eardrum when buying toys, be careful that they are soft-voiced when buying audio toys. By the way, also note that it is easy to decontaminate, so as not to contain microbes.

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