02 Dec

Let’s see what awaits you in this month, when your baby’s senses are quite clear. As the crawling period approaches, babies may try to make a crawling movement by moving their legs while lying face down. Now they are making hand-to-hand transfers, grasping objects more tightly.

They can easily throw their toys that they have grasped on the floor and ask you for their toys with their innocent faces. It will be even easier to communicate with him by being able to distinguish the tone of the voice.

Don’t be surprised if he tries to hide when you’re mad at him or if he tries to throw his stuff away. 
If it turns out meaningless words, the baby can merge the repeated syllables and translate the words, especially as ‘mom, dad, grandpa’. One day when you come back from work, a little boy who says ‘mom’ can meet you at the door. Babies whose teething processes have already begun may be disturbed by this condition.

As is known, during these periods when teething occurs gradually in children, soft foods such as foods that babies will like may begin to be preferred. As it happens, yogurt, crushed zucchini, carrots and fruits are very suitable foods for babies.

So, what should be the next step after the first meal? For example, it can be rice, barley, oats, and then vegetable varieties. In the meantime, let’s add one of the tips on baby dec to our article.

Giving fruit puree during the transition to vegetables can complicate the transition to salty products for your baby. And consider this.

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