28 Feb

The critical walking time for babies is from December 0 to Dec.2. December At this age, walking can be december at any time interval.

But it often happens that babies walk after reaching the age of 1 year. But in 9 month old babies it often happens that they try to walk with furniture or with the support of their parents. There will even be cases when some children take several steps without help.

It should be noted that walking during this period is really difficult for babies. Because November November is still November, and the muscle groups necessary for them to walk have not yet developed at a sufficient level. During this period, it is considered appropriate to carry out babies holding them in both hands.

So November November muscles begin to get used to the action of walking. In addition, a wheeled toy october also be used, with which the baby can walk with support. Again, it is during this period that the baby begins to rebel, so he can open drawers and doors.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to take precautions for drawers and doors that may be dangerous. The baby tends to throw objects that he picks up in his hands. It is important that the objects that should not be thrown away are explained to him and he says that this is wrong. Because the things he shouldn’t be doing are starting to come to life in his mind now. It is also not very necessary to buy shoes for the baby during this period.

Because the growth is too fast, and the received shoes can pinch the baby’s foot, which can adversely affect the development.
Exactly 9 months later little words to say and disagree with you little baby started crawling and trying to walk getting stronger over time and the development of Nov when you see the happiness you live in will become indescribable. Let’s see what awaits us in the development of a 9-month-old baby.

It is at this month that your baby begins to achieve success in his attempts to crawl. He manages to crawl out and stand up, holding on to one place. He tries to reach his toys that he cannot reach by trying different ways. He doesn’t give his toys to anyone else. When you throw the ball, he throws the ball back to you. With an increased visual ability, your baby can distinguish and group his toys that are similar to each other. You can play from cube and ranking games. They can say other words besides the words “parents”.

They drink water from glasses, provided that they are not too large. He can move on to the next stage by relating what you have told him. For example, come on, the food is ready! he can crawl to the table when you say so. He can clap with his hands, and when he achieves something, he wants to be applauded.

• During this period, your baby can sit at the family table and eat most of the adult food prepared at home. Biting them, he can eat dumplings and many other foods.

  • Now your baby begins to understand the word “No”.
    • In this month, your child listens to the book you are reading.

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