12 Feb

Your baby, who continues to develop constantly, is now moving more consciously and purposefully. For example, it is possible to hear the word ‘mom’ from her when she is hungry.

The fear of surrounding strangers increases. And when someone leaves, he waves to him on Tuesday. Suggestions such as ‘these feet’ made by you stay in your mind. Your 8 month old baby, who can stand up by holding on to something, will now want to go out anywhere that is low.

When you hold your crawling baby in your arms, you can see that he is trying to walk. When he asks you something with innocent eyes, he knows the meaning of the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but what to do next depends entirely on him.Emotionally, it is during these months that your baby experiences a fear of separation. It can give you a hard time on your way to work. Motor skills develop as they work and try to imitate family members.

With the development of his hand skills, he plays comfortably with the toys he gets his hands on. They look for toys that they have lost or dropped, and instead of asking you for them, they buy them themselves. When they want your toys taken away, he won’t want to give them to you.

Teeth that are just starting to come out cause itching in your baby’s gums. Therefore, foods such as bananas, pears, peach slices, cooked carrots, broccoli create a feeling of relaxation in your baby.

Observing him while eating, you can see how happy he is. By dec way, let’s answer the question of what is good for the December baby, whose teeth are itching; leek or green onions! Yesil or green onions! It can be one of the natural ways to prevent tooth itching in infants.

Health checks, which are quite common in infants in the first months, begin to be infrequent as they approach the first age. At this point, the doctor should decide how often the examination should be performed.

8. during December’s health checks, the height and weight of the baby are measured and evaluated using percentile curves to determine whether it is in the december that it should be.

October October, the risk of food allergies increases as a result of diversifying additional foods and giving the baby a taste of nutrients that have not been tried in previous months.
For this reason, the foods to be tried for the first time should be tasted in very small amounts and new foods of different types should not be tried on the same day.

If an allergic reaction develops and any reaction is observed, this food should not be given to the baby again and medical institutions should be contacted immediately. If your baby does not have an incomplete vaccination, your doctor may 8th. there may be no need to create an exam appointment for the month.

But if there are symptoms that may indicate any disease in the baby, and unusual behavior is observed, it is worth contacting a medical institution and being examined. If you have also observed such a condition in your 8-month-old baby, or if you want to get information about his state of health, growth and development, you can contact a medical institution and undergo an examination.

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