13 Jan

When is my baby going to talk? is he late or has he started talking early? should I compare with their peers? these are the questions that almost every mother, whose baby is in the process of talking, wonders about.

when your baby is in the womb and from the first moment he comes into the world, he actually begins to communicate. he touches it, he makes noises. the answers to your questions are in this article!

How does language development progress?

Depending on the state of development of the baby, there may also be changes in the period when he begins to speak. although an exact chronological calendar has not been determined to cover each baby, the common and accepted ranking for the development of babies’ languages in general is as follows.

in the first weeks, babies discover their verbal communication and begin to react to familiar sounds such as singing, lullabies, talking.

Babies who begin to react with movements and sometimes with sounds in the first weeks make their first sounds starting from this week in the first months, your baby can now recognize your voice and his own voice when he hears it. he starts saying words such as ‘agu,‘gugu’, which is known as babyish. you can also see him start giggling and laughing in these months.

  1. month and after: after this month, they start making sounds in different tones. they like to make a mutual sound with others, but especially with their parents. you may also see situations such as imitating different speech sounds. they can say a few words, although not very clearly.
    actually, I also know his first words. and 12. they can lie. but these words will be words with repeating syllables, such as mom, dad, mama, grandpa, which are quite simple.
    What can you do to encourage them to talk?
    The development processes mentioned above are processes that differ for each baby. as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the speech process also changes depending on the physiological development of your baby. so what can you do to encourage your baby to talk?
    Talk often: your baby begins to hear everything that happens in the outside world from the very womb. although this sensation is not as clear as we think it is, it actually starts from the womb to perceive sounds and communicate by reacting. hearing and listening is the first step to communicating. therefore, in the process of your pregnancy, 5. start talking to your baby from the month. this allows him to both recognize your voice and help him communicate.
    You are the most important eye of your baby in the outside world. when communicating with him, tell him about what you see so that he perceives and makes sense of what is around him. tell him about the events and objects around you by constructing simple words. for example, feel free to tell about the people you see on the road when you go out, the color of the trees, the season. in particular, you can try to accurately convey people’s behavior. now he’s eating, he seems to be sleeping.
    be a good listener: listening is as important as talking. when your baby starts talking or making sounds, be patient and show that you understand by listening to him. at first, when he starts making different sounds, respond to him and continue your conversation. then, when you hear the first words, wait for him to finish his sentence and word in the same way again and communicate mutually
    pay attention to digital communication: technological products such as phones, tablets, televisions, computers have a negative impact on the language development of your baby. such products have a regressive effect on the social development and language development of your baby, as they provide one-way communication.
    read the book: as we have mentioned in other articles, communication begins with hearing and listening first. therefore, read a lot of books to your baby. you can choose short, age-appropriate stories for your baby. also, when choosing these books, pay attention to the fact that the images in them are large, noticeable and understandable. your baby will perceive what he listens to and sees in an integrated way.
    listen to music: earlier in our article we said that the first words of babies consist of syllables that repeat each other. and music is actually the most fun way for them to learn words and accelerate their development by having a sense of rhythm. you can have fun together and make the learning process easier by choosing songs that are suitable for your baby, have repetitive refrain and understandable words.

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