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Singular pregnancies are formed by the placement of a zygote in the mother’s womb. In twin pregnancies, there are two zygotes clinging to life in the mother’s womb.

If there are two zygotes formed when a single egg is fertilized and divided in the mother’s womb, then in this case, an identical twin pregnancy occurs. If two different eggs are fertilized with two different spermatozoa and fall into the mother’s uterus, a fraternal twin pregnancy occurs.

The question of whether a twin pregnancy dec obvious with ultrasound or when a twin pregnancy becomes obvious with ultrasound is among the most frequently asked questions. Twin pregnancy can be detected by ultrasound.

5. Pregnancy when a twin pregnancy begins to manifest itself and 6. it takes place during the week. If you have two sacs in your ultrasound images, this may mean that you have a twin pregnancy. But this is only the stage of formation of a twin pregnancy.

In some cases, while one of these two fetuses is developing, the development of the other stops and disappears.

It is noted that there are chromosomal problems in this twin partner, and therefore it disappears without being able to develop.

7. In order for the existence of twin babies to be known for certain, assuming that such situations can occur and 8. it is necessary to wait up to weeks.

October 7 of pregnancy in addition and 8. at the end of the week, the babies’ heartbeats begin. For this reason, hearing two different heartbeats on ultrasound is the most important finding indicating that a twin pregnancy exists.

After some families find out that they have a twin pregnancy, they wonder if their baby is an identical or fraternal twin. If you want to know if your twin babies are identical twins or fraternal twins, 9. with 14. you need to wait for the checks dec weeks. The fact that the placenta is single on ultrasound indicates that they are identical twins, and the presence of a double placenta indicates that they are more likely to be fraternal twins. It may become difficult to get information about them in the coming weeks. On the other hand, the sex of babies also gives an idea of this issue.

Another issue that is curious by families is the question of when the birth of twin babies will take place. In normal pregnancies, delivery is expected between 38 weeks and 40 weeks, but if you have a twin pregnancy, this period dec be delayed earlier for you. In the case of twin births, which are usually performed by cesarean section, the average duration of pregnancy is about 37 weeks.

This situation may vary for women who are pregnant with twin babies. You can get the healthiest information by consulting your doctor.

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