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The most concise and concise answer to the question will be that sleep training can begin from birth. But at this point it is necessary to underline the feeling of “trust”, which has a rather important place in the development of the baby.

The first four months following the arrival of your baby into the world are a very important period for the development of a sense of confidence.

Your baby who spends time in your tummy, a place where he feels extremely protected and safe for about nine months, needs to gain a similar sense of confidence to have the same quiet and peaceful sleep pattern after coming into the world.

The first four months pass as a process of getting used to both the mother and the outside world, and during this time the sense of confidence is strengthened due to a certain development curve. It is quite important for parents to be patient at this point.

You need to know that your newborn baby will not be able to have a healthy and high-quality sleep pattern at the same time. You are at a time when your baby is getting used to both you and the outside world, and his sense of confidence is growing every day.

Although one of the factors preventing sleep training in the first four months is the confidence building process, another element may be the biological problems experienced by your baby.

For example, biological problems such as gas pains, colic (gas pains of unknown cause), reflux, and allergic reactions can disrupt the operation of sleep training in the first four months of a baby’s life.

Given these situations, we can say that sleep training in infants can be started in a healthy way from 4-4.5 months. I would like to emphasize once again that parents should be patient with sleep education and be flexible in their work on establishing order.

The first thing you should do before starting the process of sleep education in infants should be to “read your child”. November, what I mean by reading your child is how he reacts to your actions when your child is hungry, when his sleep comes.

These questions can be further multiplied, but I think you understand what we mean. How long do we really know our child? What clues do we have about his character?

What we should do as parents should be to read about our baby and try to find out the reasons for his attitude and behavior.

The first thing you can do to analyze your child’s behavior correctly is to make a note of your baby’s habits. I personally ask parents with whom I have been studying sleep to analyze the behavior of their babies for at least three days and write down these behaviors somewhere.

Dec december december The behavior should include information such as when your baby gets up, when he has breakfast, when he sleeps during the day, and how many times he is fed.

There are different methods and models for teaching children to sleep.

The main thing to know about this is that not a single educational model can have an effect on all children. In order to determine the optimal sleep pattern for your child, it is necessary to determine the character structure of your child and identify the main causes that lead to sleep disturbance or disorder, as well as apply the most appropriate method to the problem experienced.

At this point, parents should not compare their children with other children.

There is no rule that every method will work for every child. Parents should research sleep education methods, make notes about their baby’s sleep habits, and seek support from experts to determine the most appropriate sleep method for their baby.

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