25 Dec

When women become pregnant, they come into contact with the fact of death for the first time.

In other words, they live intertwined with the thoughts of losing their baby or what will happen to their baby if something happens to them.

This anxiety is often expressed in conscious or unconscious ways (such as dreams).

Pregnancy is a condition that changes women spiritually.

Another is childbirth. Both processes greatly develop the woman emotionally and intellectually.

The woman shows a rapid emotional growth, which begins with pregnancy and continues with childbirth.

This emotional development sometimes leads to differences between dec and his partner, which causes conflicts. They can feel anxious and responsible: during pregnancy, the woman is mentally constantly busy with her baby, his healthy development.

Emotionally, she may feel anxious and responsible about the baby’s health, childbirth, care and how it will affect life.

Want to cry also, restlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, and immediately start symptom of distraction during pregnancy maternity.

Blues in the first days after birth is a temporary condition and can be experienced as intense a week or two.

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