18 Dec

Iron deficiency anemia (iron deficiency anemia) is a common health problem that leads to death and disability, especially in pregnant women and children.

Iron deficiency anemia affects the growth of infants and children, reduces resistance to infections.

Iron deficiency anemia in infancy and young childhood delays psychomotor and cognitive development and negatively affects the level of intelligence.

Children under the age of 2 with iron deficiency have problems with harmony and balance, and these children behave more introverted and timid.

These factors can interfere with the child’s ability to interact and learn with his environment, as well as blunt his mental abilities.

When the problem of iron deficiency is not prevented and controlled, it imposes a great burden on the country’s economy due to the fact that it affects the health system, impedes cognitive abilities in children and reduces productivity in adults.

Where Can I Find the Iron Drop?

Family doctors give free iron drops to every baby to prevent iron deficiency and associated anemia.

Your baby’s 4th. It has happened. starting in May, you should use iron drops frequently, in quantity, and at the time recommended by your family doctor.

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