13 Dec

Your baby needs proper nutrition, affection, psychological stimulation and protection against infections.

Breast milk is the most suitable and natural single food for newborns and dairy children, it contains enough nutrients for your baby alone in the first 6 months, enough for his normal development.

Breast milk alone meets the physiological and psychosocial needs of your baby in the first 6 months.

6. October October, as long as your child’s development is normal, you can continue to breastfeed him for 2 years, provided that you start additional foods.

The ideal weight gain of your baby is to gain 115 225 g of weight per week, body weight loss is less than 8%, he removes enough urine and feces, his skin looks normal, which is an indicator that your breast milk is enough. If you have twin and triplet babies, there will be an increase in the amount of milk sufficient to feed your babies.

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